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Frenectomy Post-Op Instructions

High frenum attachments, called a tongue-tie and lip-tie, can have detrimental short term and long term effects. The frenum is a thin band of tissue that connects two parts of the oral cavity together, such as the tongue to the floor of the mouth (tongue-tie) or the upper lip to the gums (lip-tie). The effects can begin as early as the first few days of life or show up down the line.

Tongue-tie + Lip-tie Symptoms

Newborns may have trouble latching on to the mother’s breast or baby bottles. This can be dangerous and prevent the infant from gaining essential weight early on. If the tongue is restricting the newborn from creating a good seal and suction, the breastmilk or bottled formula, will not reach the mouth efficiently.

Mother’s Symptoms

  • Painful nursing
  • Poor latch
  • Cracked, creased or flattened nipples
  • Bleeding nipples or lipstick shaped nipples
  • Poor breast drainage, plugged ducts, engorgement or mastitis
  • Feeding the baby is a ‘full-time’ job

Tongue and/or lip-tie Baby’s Issues

  • Poor latch at the breast or bottle
  • Falls asleep while feeding
  • Spits up milk often or milk dribbles out when eating
  • Fussy behavior
  • Gassy burps
  • Difficulty gaining weight
  • Clicking or smacking sounds when eating
  • Snoring or mouth breathing
  • Greater than 20 minutes per feeding

Tongue and/or lip-tie Child/Adolescent Issues

  • Speech delay or impediment
  • Mouth breathing, snoring or restless sleep
  • Sleep apnea
  • Teeth grinding or bruxism
  • Food impaction in flap area between the gums and lip
  • Complaints of pain or discomfort when brushing upper front teeth
  • Recession of the gums
  • Cavities on upper front teeth
  • Spacing between upper anterior teeth (diastema)

Tongue-tie + Lip-tie Treatment

A frenectomy is a medical procedure where a small piece of tissue (Frenum) is cut and allowed to heal to a none-damaging position. At Smiles+Grins, we use a specialized laser technology to gently fix a tongue-tie and lip-tie. Post-op discomfort is minimal, and recovery is fast for both children and teenagers. Call us to schedule an evaluation today with Dr. Grinbaum.

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