Dr. Karin Grinbaum
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Relationships with patients and integrating the best available technology make my days as an orthodontist exciting. And there's nothing more rewarding than watching smiling patients stare in the mirror for the first time after their treatment is complete.

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Bio & Experience

Meet Dr. Karin Grinbaum, the orthodontist creating smiles that are as unique as the individuals who wear them at Smiles + Grins (formerly Grinbaum Orthodontics). Dr. Grinbaum has made it her mission to empower teens and adults, giving them the freedom to craft the smiles of their dreams without the constraints of traditional dental braces. With personalized patient care and groundbreaking technological advancements, Dr. Grinbaum makes orthodontic treatments a breeze for patients on the Upper East Side. For years, her New York orthodontics practice has been the go-to office for people seeking individualized treatment options that not only straighten teeth but also bring out the true beauty within.

Dr. Karin Grinbaum's start in the world of orthodontics traces back to her childhood fascination with the beauty of smiles. As a young girl, she traveled to different places and captured the essence of people's faces through her camera lens. As she did, she noticed that each smile she encountered held a unique story and a mesmerizing charm. This early exposure to the power of a person’s radiant expression ignited a spark within her to become an orthodontist. Driven by her deep-rooted passion for aesthetics and the desire to bring out the best in others, she found her calling in orthodontics. It is the perfect blend of artistry and science, allowing her to transform lives one mouth at a time. With each patient, Dr. Grinbaum brings her artistic sensibilities to orthodontic treatments that help them discover the confidence and joy that an authentic smile can bring.

Dr. Karin Grinbaum’s education is just as impressive as her smile transformations. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Binghamton University, which set the stage for her dental training career. She further expanded her skills at the University of Pennsylvania and New York University College of Dentistry. Graduating with flying colors, she not only received high honors but also scored multiple awards, including a well-deserved induction into the prestigious National Dental Honor Society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU). Dr. Grinbaum continued her post-graduate studies at the dynamic New York University College of Dentistry, immersing herself in a rigorous three-year residency program focused on Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. This immersive experience equipped her with the latest techniques and advancements, ensuring that her patients receive the most top-notch care and cutting-edge treatments in New York City orthodontics, with signature services that include In-Brace®, Invisalign®, retainers, and classic braces.

Beyond her impressive work as an orthodontist, Dr. Grinbaum has a true zest for life. Whether immersing herself in the vibrant energy of the city or relishing in quiet moments to take it all in, Dr. Grinbaum finds solace in savoring a glass of world class Cabernet and enjoying the rich flavors of Italian cuisine. Dr. Grinbaum's love for hosting and her culinary prowess make her home the ultimate gathering place, where friends and loved ones are treated to her home cooked feasts, with her mouthwatering Moroccan fish dish stealing the show. As a true family party house, it's no surprise that her dog Daisy and her three wonderful children find joy and warmth in the vibrant atmosphere she and her husband have built. With her wealth of expertise, warm personality, and infectious enthusiasm, Dr. Karin Grinbaum is here to transform your smile into a work of art. She's ready to bring the magic and give you a smile that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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Binghamton University


University of Pennsylvania

New York University College of Dentistry


New York University College of Dentistry


Creating more than 5,000 beautiful smiles for over 10 years in NYC!

Our Team

Dr. Rosie Katz


A single smile can go a long way. Dr. Rose Katz feels lucky to be in the business of making beautiful smiles and looks forward to being her patients’ partner in making a smile to last a lifetime!

Experience in both the academic and clinical arenas have enabled her to see the real impact of orthodontics, and her role within it. The diversity of each day allows her to educate on the importance of oral health, improve the status quo and literally and figuratively transform patients’ smiles.

As a graduate from Cornell University with a degree in Human Biology Health and Society, Dr. Katz continued to Stony Brook University to pursue a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. After completing dental school, she received her orthodontic certificate from Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. Throughout her education, Dr. Katz interacted with leading minds and accomplished dentists to master the latest techniques and treatments for patients of all ages. Her orthodontic training focused on pediatric interceptive treatment, comprehensive treatment of adolescents and adults, Invisalign, as well as surgical orthodontics. With an active interest in the area, Dr. Katz frequents local and national conferences, seminars, and continuing education courses to stay up to date on the latest developments in the ever-evolving field.

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Treatment Coordinator/ Office Manager

My name is Kelly, and I'm a mom to a wonderful little boy named Eli, who is almost 2 years old. If I could, I would have 4-6 children - I just love being a mom!

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dr. Karin Grinbaum for nearly 10 years, which has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge in my profession.

I Graduated from Liberty University in VA with a BS in Criminal Justice/Forensics Science and a minor in Biology. I am also a RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) and Radiology Licensed.

During the pandemic, I discovered a new passion for creating craft cocktails with specialty ingredients. I love experimenting with new flavors and creating unique and delicious drinks.

My hobbies include biking, painting, and construction. I love a great transformation, from doing our own home renovations and DIY projects to creating beautiful and healthy smiles as a dentist. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, cooking, and spending time with my family.

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Scheduling Coordinator

Meet Adilene- a driven multi-talented individual with a diverse range of interests and experiences. She attended Sandhills College before finding her passion in the orthodontic world, where she has been working for 8 years.

In her free time, Adilene enjoys exploring the big city of NYC, as well as hiking and biking in the great outdoors. She also enjoys going to baseball games and watching UFC/boxing matches.

Adilene is proud to call North Carolina home, where she lives as a military wife with her fur baby, Sasha. She is committed to supporting her community and giving back in any way she can.

With her positive attitude and dedication to her work, Adilene is a valuable member of the orthodontic field and an inspiration to those around her. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow, and is excited to see what the future holds.

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Financial/Insurance Coordinator

Aiyana is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of interests and talents. She attended culinary school at the French Culinary Institute, where she honed her skills and developed a passion for cooking.

Aside from her culinary pursuits, Aiyana enjoys video games, golf, and reading. Her favorite book and movie is The Little Prince, which has inspired her in many ways.

Aiyana's dream job has always been to be a pilot, specifically flying fighter jets rather than commercial flights. She is fascinated by the thrill and excitement of flying at high speeds and has always had a love for aviation.

With her unique blend of interests and talents, Aiyana is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow. She is a creative and adventurous individual who is not afraid to pursue her passions and live life to the fullest.

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Orthodontic Assistant

Don is a multifaceted individual with a passion for language, baking, and patient care. He holds a MA in Linguistics and TESOL from Newcastle University, which has provided him with a strong foundation in communication and education.

When he's not studying or working, Don loves baking and sharing his creations with his team. He is also an avid animal lover, enjoys hiking and learning about cars, and has a particular soft spot for cats (even if they don't always seem to reciprocate the love!).

Don is currently working towards his degree as a Registered Dental Hygienist, which will allow him to combine his passion for patient care with his expertise in language and communication. He is dedicated to providing quality dental care and helping his patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles.

With his diverse interests and talents, Don is a well-rounded individual who is always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow. He is driven by his love of education and patient care and is excited to see where his passions will take him in the future.

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Orthodontic Assistant

Emma is a multi-talented individual with a passion for photography and event planning. She loves capturing special moments and creating memorable experiences for others.

Emma has been an orthodontic assistant for nearly 17 years, and her experience in the field has given her a wealth of knowledge and expertise in patient care. She is known for her friendly and compassionate approach, and her commitment to helping patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles.

Aside from her work, Emma is a proud grandmother of a baby boy! She loves spending time with her family and cherishes every moment with her grandchild.

With her creative talents and dedication to patient care, Emma is a valuable member of the orthodontic community. She is always looking for new ways to improve and grow, and is excited to see where her passions will take her in the future.

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Orthodontic Assistant

Stephanie is a dedicated and skilled Registered Dental Assistant, born and raised in New York. With almost a decade of experience working as an orthodontic assistant, she has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in patient care and is passionate about helping people feel confident in their smiles.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her loved ones. She loves trying out new restaurants, going to paint and sips, and relaxing at the beach. Stephanie is a hands-on individual who is always eager to learn and try new things.

With her dedication to patient care and her love for exploration and trying new things, Stephanie is a valuable member of the dental community. She is committed to helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles and is always looking for new ways to improve and grow both personally and professionally.

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Orthodontic Assistant

Chompoo is a dedicated and passionate individual with a diverse range of interests and experiences. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Naresuan University, Thailand, which has provided her with a strong foundation in legal knowledge and expertise.

Despite her background in law, Chompoo has found a new passion in the field of dentistry. She used to have dental phobia, but after overcoming it, she has developed a love for the field and is dedicated to helping others overcome their fears as well.

In her free time, Chompoo loves soaking up the sun and spending time at the beach. She is a true summer girl at heart and enjoys the relaxation and serenity that comes with being near the ocean. Chompoo is also a dog lover and enjoys spending time with her furry friends.

With her dedication to patient care and her love for the beach and animals, Chompoo is a valuable member of the dental community. She is always looking for new ways to improve and grow, and is excited to see where her passions will take her in the future.

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Orthodontic Assistant

Dilia is a dedicated and compassionate individual with a passion for patient care. She graduated from CUNY with a BS in Chemistry and Biology, which has provided her with a strong foundation in the field of dentistry.

In her free time, Dilia enjoys traveling and spending time with her 3 kids and family. She also loves to read and finds it to be a great way to relax and unwind.

Dilia's love for patient interaction has been a driving force in her career as a dental professional. She takes great pride in helping her patients on their journey to creating beautiful and healthy smiles. Her experience working alongside Dr. Grinbaum for almost a decade has been a great opportunity for her future career as a dentist.

With her passion for patient care and her dedication to her profession, Dilia is a valuable member of the dental community. She is always looking for ways to improve and grow, and is excited to see where her career will take her in the future.

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Laboratory Technician

Elif is a talented and certified make-up artist with a passion for beauty and cosmetics. She loves trying out new looks and products, and Sephora is her go-to store for all things make-up related.

In addition to her love for beauty, Elif also enjoys cleaning and organizing. She finds satisfaction in creating order out of chaos and enjoys the process of tidying up.

Elif is a self-proclaimed movie junkie and loves nothing more than curling up with a good film. Her favorite movies are the Harry Potter series, and she is always eager to discuss the nuances and intricacies of the films.

Despite her love for adventure and exploration, Elif is very afraid of heights. She tries to conquer her fear whenever possible but finds herself feeling a little uneasy when faced with high altitudes.

With her talent for make-up artistry, her passion for organization, and her love for film, Elif is a well-rounded individual with a diverse range of interests and talents. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow and is excited to see where her passions will take her in the future.

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Laboratory Technician

Dora is currently studying biology at Binghamton University. She has a passion for painting, poetry, hiking, baking, and cooking. She developed an interest in Orthodontia after starting her own Invisalign treatment. She loves the field so much that she is considering Dental School after her undergraduate studies. And she loves her Kitty, she's the sweetest thing ever! :)

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