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Life with Braces... What's it Like?

by Karin Grinbaum

Let’s be realistic: braces are an adjustment

Braces Smile You’ll have to get used to them. However, adapting happens quickly and there’s very little “bracism” in the world today.

Millions of people have – or had – braces. In fact, they are often considered to be cool. It’s common for orthodontic patients to be told, “I wish I had gotten braces” or “I need braces too, and can’t wait to get them.” Modern orthodontics offer many options. And award-winning smiles, via cutting-edge technology, are being crafted faster and easier than ever.

Traditional braces aren’t the clumsy, uncomfortable appliances they were decades ago. And Incognito™ and Invisalign® treatments have changed the face of braces as they are almost completely invisible, making orthodontic treatment for all ages quite popular.

It takes time

A perfect smile does take time, yet satisfaction often comes early on. People are typically happier smiling in braces because they feel empowered knowing their ideal smile is on its way.

They do alter eating habits, and that’s a common concern. You’ll be told what not to eat, but the list of what you can eat might be 20 times longer. Gummy bear addicts and gum chewers take heart: You won’t have to give up these treats forever.

Life with braces really isn’t so bad. And life after braces with a perfect smile? Now that’s fantastic!

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